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"For those who are awake the cosmos is one."

– Heraclitus

We need ACTIVE VOLUNTEER SUPPORT  to carry out our mission ~ join us!


Our Charter: The CAA promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics through astronomy.  We do this by hosting free public programs, observing sessions and special programs available to community organizations, scouting, church groups, schools, universities and the general public.  To be successful, we are dependent on the enthusiasm, energy and devotion of a cadre of volunteers from our surrounding communities.

If you want to help us with our mission, we will welcome you and find a way for you to help.



And - it is a wonderful opportunity to learn!


Benefits of Volunteering With US:

    Have fun.

    Learn exciting new information.

    Challenge yourself.

    Meet new people and make new friends.

    Help others discover and learn.

    Contribute to STEM education.


 Volunteer Roles:

    A variety of opportunities to volunteer exist - every interest, situation, skill level.

    Some are people-contact related, such as helping with group activities.

    Other tasks can be done without public contact - construction tasks to managing magazine subscriptions.

    If you are dependable and interested in our work, we will try to find a way for you to become involved.

    The belief that you must be an astronomy expert to volunteer is not true.

Times and Settings:

We will try to accommodate your various schedule and location needs:

    On-site, or remotely.

    Daytime as well as nighttime roles.

    We have needs for support of sporadic, regular/ongoing, and one-time activities.

Training Will Be Provided:

You needn’t worry about whether you are qualified for a particular volunteer task. We don’t want you to feel uncomfortable, nor do we want you in a role that is not suitable. We will provide training as needed, including:

    Observing, mentoring or shadowing.

    Specific instruction.

    Other tasks require no training or skills at all, like assisting with “crowd control” of large groups or cleaning up after an event.

    If you already have relevant skills, we certainly welcome that, too.

    After you submit an application, a CAA member will consult with you about how we can best use your skills.

Online FAQ:

Find more detailed information in our Frequently Asked Questions About Volunteering at  https://www.cedar-astronomers.org/files/Documents/FAQ.pdf

CAA Membership:

While you need not be a member to volunteer, our membership fees are modest. We hope you may decide to increase your participation by adding your support as a member.




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